Vibration isolation Vibrex ECO 2.0 * 500 * 700


• price for 1 m² – UAH 217;

• thickness 2.0 mm

• sheet size 500 * 700;

• foil thickness 100 microns;

• does not require heating;

• quantity in a package – 12


Additional information


Vibrex ECO

An absolutely new product among vibration-insulating materials, which has no analogues in Europe! Vibrex ECO series sealant does not contain bitumen, tar, recycled products, and colorants, so there is no unpleasant smell, no harmful substances are released during operation, does not dry out afterwards, has excellent adhesion to the glued surface and does not stain hands. The mastic contains only primary rubber! The thickness of the foil used in the production of vibration isolation of the Vibrex ECO series is 100 microns, which is the optimal value for both professionals participating in car audio championships and for ordinary car owners who want to improve the comfort in their car. The warranty period is more than 10 years!

– thickness 2.0 mm;
– foil thickness 100 microns;
– sheet dimensions 500 * 700;
– the color of the mastic is gray;
– does not require heating;
– quantity in the package 12 pcs.


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