Vibration isolation Vibrex Master Light 1,3 * 350 * 500


• price for 1 m² – 157 UAH;

• thickness 1.3 mm;

• sheet size 350 * 500;

• foil thickness 60 microns;

• the number of sheets in a package – 23;

• does not require heating;

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Vibrex Master Light 1.3 mm

Classic vibration damping material of the Master Light series, based on non-hardening
butyl rubber sealant, reinforced with aluminum foil. sealant made
made of modified polymer, where the optimally selected proportions of organic
and inorganic parts, thanks to which this model perfectly combines high
vibration isolation qualities of the material and its price. The material has an exceptional
elasticity, which favorably affects the convenience of installing it on hidden
and curved surfaces of vehicle body elements. All of our vibration isolation meets sanitary standards and is manufactured without the use of bitumen, tar, or recycled products!

Some manufacturers of vibration isolation, to assess the effectiveness of their product, indicate the so-called KMP (mechanical loss factor). By and large, the effectiveness of this parameter can be estimated rather tentatively, since when assessing this ILC, a number of conditions for such an assessment should be observed, and in turn, the final value of this coefficient depends on these conditions. That is, the same material obtained can have different values ​​depending on the measurement conditions. When evaluating our product, we use another, already well-known indicator of the effectiveness of a vibration absorber – this is a reduction in the noise level in the car interior before and after trimming the cabin with vibration and noise insulation materials. When finishing the car interior with our materials by professional installers, the reduction of the noise and vibration level reaches 1.5-2 times, depending on the processing area. To achieve the maximum effect from the use of vibration and noise insulation materials, the priority is the rule – the thicker the sealant layer and the thickness of the aluminum foil, the easier it is to achieve higher rates of noise and vibration reduction.

10-year warranty!

• thickness 1.3 mm;

• foil thickness 60 microns;

• letter size 350 * 500;

• does not require heating;

• the number of sheets in a package – 23;

• installation locations: hood, doors, tailgate, roof.




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