Noise isolation Vibrex VK 6 al


  • thickness 6 mm;
  • size 500 * 700 mm;
  • foil thickness 40 microns;
  • the presence of a sticky ball – so;
  • operating temperature -50 to +110.

Additional information


noise isolation Vibrex

It is a heat-insulating and sound-absorbing material based on foaming rubber, which perfectly reduces structural noise, absorbs medium and high sound waves! Environmentally friendly, has high thermal insulation properties, due to the one-sided adhesive layer has high adhesion to the treated surface. Elastic, thanks to which it is convenient to glue all kinds of unevenness of the car. A foil layer 40 microns thick significantly improves the durability of the material and ease of installation, as well as increases the heat and sound insulation properties of the foamed rubber.

• foaming rubber;

• thickness 6 mm;
• sheet dimensions 500 * 700 mm;
• presence of an adhesive layer – yes;
• foil thickness 40 microns;
• operating temperature -50 to +110;
• places of application: ceiling, doors, hood, trunk, floor.


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